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One of the important roles of the International Humanitarian Foundation is to protect refugees and asylum seekers in the United States. Today millions of people in the third world countries are displaced from their native homes, without clothes, food, and shelter. They are hopeless and devastated.


Over 19 mln people (the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees reports) became refugees in 2005. There are approximately 50 million uprooted people around the world – refugees who have sought safety in another country, and people displaced within their own country. Around half of this displaced population are children. And 10 million of these people are kids under the age of 18. Ten million children under the age of five die each year, the majority from preventable diseases and asylum seekers in the industrialized world.


Understanding the situation of refugees, limited knowledge of English, absence of local documents or work authorization, no income, and very often no savings the IHF initiative “Mission: Freedomland” aims refugees those who come from countries in war or another armed conflict.

Our “Mission: Freedomland” Social Services Program helps refugees and asylum seekers during the most difficult time of transition to the U.S. society by offering basic assistance:

  • 1. Orientation
  • 2. Products supply
  • 3. Shelter assistance
  • 4. Immigration services

Your donation with money, free rent, property, and products help us maintain our program. We at IHF greatly appreciate all your help and endless support for our charitable programs. Here you can make a donation for this “Mission: Freedomland” Program.

If you wish to use one or all of our services, please, contact our “Mission: Freedomland” Social Services Program coordinator.


Orientation for new immigrants with referrals to government sources, the English language training classes, medical help available, understanding of the traditions and customs, and direct schools for children.


New immigrants can apply to our Program for basic necessities. Thanks to our community supporters our organization maintains a fund of the following new and used items at our warehouse in Los Angeles

  • 1. Seasonal clothes for adult makes and females,
  • 2. Seasonal clothes for infants, babies, toddlers and children,
  • 3. Shoes for adults and children,
  • 4. Warm blankets and linens,
  • 5. Toys,
  • 6. Cleaning supplies,
  • 7. Personal sanitary items,
  • 8. Canned foods,
  • 9. Bottled water.


We understand the difficulties refugees come through when they first come to America. Unfamiliar surroundings and the language barrier make the transition to the American society very confusing and complicated. New immigrants can take advantage of our program and get rent assistance for the first 3 months of their staying in the United States. In order to be eligible you have to match ALL of the following criteria:

  • 1. you have to be a refugee or a asylum seeker
  • 2. you have to be a citizen of the country in war or another armed conflict
  • 3. you have to apply for this program during your FIRST 20 days in the United States

Please, check the availability of our resources as we estimate for up to 20 refugees in the year 2006. The program works on the “first come first served” basis.


International Humanitarian Foundation maintains a fund of emergency supplies ready to respond to a need in any part of the world. We participate in the United Nations World Food Program directing the emergency food aid to all continents.

Due to the tremendous need in food in such countries, as Guatemala, Southern Africa and Niger the United Nations World Food Program Fund experience about 50% shortage in funds. With help of local businesses and community our Foundation participates in the global efforts to cover this need.

When the crisis strikes we transport the food from our fund directly to the people in need and join the United Nations efforts in the frontline of the humanitarian response in particular region.


The goal of the program is to help 4 orphanages in Armenia with their needs to provide safer and healthier facilities for the children as those orphanages buildings, like many others in Armenia, are in the state of dangerous unrepair. The total number of the children those we will help is 577. Another small component of the program is equipment installation and landscaping for better surrounding territory of the orphanages.

The second part of this program is our innovative technique to reduce the number of children committed to the orphanages due to their family poverty. Since most of the kids “become” orphans when either one or both parents present, our organization runs a small pilot program in one of the orphanages. By this program the caregivers of the kids will be supplied with food and clothes to help them keep the children at home

One of the recent accomplishments is a fund of new warm children clothes, school backpacks, pens, markers and pencils that we collected with the help of several local businesses and private donors. This fund of clothes is distributed to the 4 orphanages by our Program coordinator in March 2006.

If you would like to learn more about this Program, please click here.