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We Change Your Life & World

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Our mission is to make the world a better place for everyone. Everyone has their rights equally and we want to make sure that people can get food, education, treatment and accommodation for everyone who is living in poverty.
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All of us are well aware of horrors of war currently going on in Ukraine. Thousands are killed, tens of thousands are wounded, millions displaced. As the crisis in Ukraine escalates day by day, more and more Ukrainians are in dire need of assistance. With new problems emerging every minute, Ukrainian people need all the help they can get.


Our mission is to help tens of thousands of wounded and injured people in Ukraine including children to obtain Individual First Aid Kits “IFAK” so that Ukrainian First Aid responders can stabilize the injured victims and provide them with a better chance of survival.

IFAKs include necessary medical equipment such as splints to stabilize broken/shuttered bone, tourniquets to stop bleeding, muscle relaxant so that the injured person’s body does not spasm, pain killers, antibiotics, gauze etc.

This IFAK was specifically prepared and approved for funding by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine that was based upon the request of Ukraine’s First responders.

Additional medications needed


We heard numerous complaints from Donors that following donation of funds they do not know how and where their donated money was spent. Our Charity uses the donations only on medical items that were specifically requested by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky.

By providing these relief kits, we are also responding to concerns from the Government of Ukraine that even though there are numerous donations coming to them from around the world, many of the items donated are not “Emergency needed items”.


We are working through and with Ms. Irina Gunko who is Ukraine’s attorney acting on behalf of the Office of the President Zelensky, Ministry of Health of Ukraine, and the Mayors of Kiev, Kharkiv, Mariupol and other attacked cities and towns throughout Ukraine. Ms. Gunko is a conduit and facilitator of specific emergency needs of the government of Ukraine. Following the request, our Charity raises funds, sources medication, and provides medical equipment. Our Charity also solves logistic problems of sending and delivering these supplies to Ukraine, where these supplies are then distributed directly to Ukraine’s Hospitals, doctors and First Aid responders.



We Change Your Life & World


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A wheelchair for pensioner with diabetes

Svitlana received a wheelchair. Unfortunately, she lost part of her limb due to diabetes. We hope that the wheelchair will […]



Humanitarian aid for people in need

Thanks to Nova Poshta Humanitarian, we always have the opportunity to send humanitarian aid.



Generators for 36-th separate Mariupol brigade

The 36th Separate Mariupol Brigade, which is defending the Zaporizhzhia sector, has received a generator

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Our Board Members include financial and legal advisors, along with various members to supply medical products, solve complicated logistic issues with delivering medical supplies to war zones in Ukraine, as well as negotiating best prices with the various medical suppliers and pharmaceutical companies.

Board Members

Philip Landau

Logistics and Business Coordinator

Philip Landau has devised and implemented investment strategies spanning multiple asset classes and markets since 1986. Mr. Landau performed trading on his own behalf as well as acted as a private strategic financial advisor to high net worth European and Asian individuals analyzing, devising, and implementing trading strategies in arbitrage, merger arbitrage, stand‐alone strategies, and portfolio hedges using interest rate instruments, currencies, and commodities. Mr. Landau began his investment career engaging in proprietary trading strategies in the U.S., European and Canadian markets, and dynamically hedging and making markets in various financial instruments. In addition, Mr. Landau has been actively involved in both the Canadian and U.S. real estate markets since 1976 in an advisory / strategic capacity. He is a graduate of the University of Toronto.

Iryna Gunko

Legal Advisor and Purchase Coordinator

Ms Gunko graduated from Chernovtsy Law School in 1996. She specializes in investment, taxation, and interactions between private institutions and the government of Ukraine. Simultaneously, she is also involved with labor rights, as well as disabled children’s rights. In 2007, Irina was appointed as the official attorney representing the government of Ukraine and the municipality of Kiev as the “Registrar and Notary” which made her responsible for reviewing activities and overseeing the registration of local and foreign companies within Ukraine. In 2014 and thereon, she also started working with and legally representing refugees and orphaned children from war-torn areas of Ukraine including Crimea and the eastern parts of Ukraine bordering Russia. Throughout the years Ms Gunko helped numerous refuges obtain resettlement government assistance. Because of her diligence, the government of Ukraine donated a building and land for the creation of an orphanage for 95 children. On March 11th 2022, as a result of the war in Ukraine, Irina traveled to the United States in order to raise funds to support Ukraine in its resistance, specifically to purchase medical aid and equipment for those suffering in Ukraine.

Garik Yegiazar

Business and logistics coordinator

Mr. Yegiazar has more than 15 years of experience, managing international projects. Mr. Yegiazar supervises the personal, manages the contracts and runs day-to-day operations of the Foundation.

Mikayla Campbell

PR/Social Media Coordinator

Mikayla grew up in Southern California. Travelling throughout the United States led to a curiosity and desire to expand her horizon internationally. Mikayla majored in Social Media Marketing and Public Relations. She also studied abroad for a semester at Ewha Women's University in Seoul, South Korea. She has two years of Marketing experience with a year of Social Media marketing experience.